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Upskill your cyber pros and tech wizards with bespoke bitesize courses that won’t cost the earth. Empower your team with cutting-edge bespoke training programmes, designed exclusively for established businesses, regardless of size or industry. Our tailored training solutions cater to your specific cyber needs and offer a unique opportunity to upskill your team with the latest advancements in cybersecurity.

With our tailored training solutions, we deliver a bespoke skills gap analysis and then design training programmes which directly address your cyber skills need.

So, if you’re finding it difficult to find the right cyber skillset in the people you employ, or your existing workforce needs a deeper, hands-on understanding of cyber security, get in touch.

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What are the benefits?

As data security becomes increasingly critical in today's digital landscape, It's essential to recognise the long-term value of investing in your team's cybersecurity skills. Invest in your team's cyber future...

Tailored Solutions

Our training programmes are entirely customisable, ensuring that each session is precisely aligned with your organisation’s cyber requirements. With the flexibility to choose specific modules, your team receives training that directly addresses their areas of expertise and empowers them to tackle real-world cyber challenges effectively.

Proven Expertise

Partnering with us means entrusting your team’s development to institutions with a proven track record in delivering hands-on training. Delivered in conjunction with Cardiff University and the University of South Wales – both renowned for their cutting-edge education in cybersecurity, providing a strong foundation for your team’s growth and success.

Relevant and Practical Training

Our bespoke training ensures that your staff receives relevant and practical training to safeguard your critical assets effectively. Learning from the industry’s best, your staff will benefit from the expertise of leading professionals. The hands-on experience and real-world insights shared by our instructors will inspire your team to excel in their cyber roles.

Bitesized Learning

Our bite-sized training approach offers a solution perfectly suited to the employer and their workforce. By delivering information in short, focused bursts, employees can engage without being overwhelmed. Our flexible approach not only maximizes retention but also provides seamless integration of learning into busy schedules.



Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education We are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge education in the field of cybersecurity.

Our training courses are delivered in conjuction with Cardiff University and the University of South Wales, both accredited ACE-CSE’s (Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Education). With a proven track record in delivering hands-on training, these prestigious institutions are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge education in the field of cybersecurity.

Our courses offer an exceptional learning environment that fosters practical skills and real-world experience, preparing your team for the ever-evolving challenges of the digital age.

The Cyber Innovation Hub’s partnership with Cardiff University and the University of South Wales assures your organisation of the highest quality training, backed by a legacy of excellence in cyber education.

Some examples of the training modules on offer...

Cyber Hygiene and Awareness (Fundamentals)

Duration: 1 day | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: None

Cyber Security by Design (Fundamentals)

Duration: 2 days | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: None

Industrial Control Systems Security (Fundamentals)

Duration: 2 days | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: None

Cyber Hygiene and Awareness (Intermediate)

Duration: 1 day | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: Fundamentals

Cyber Security by Design (Intermediate)

Duration: 3 days | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: Fundamentals

Industrial Control Systems Security (Intermediate)

Duration: 3 days | Prerequisite skills/knowledge required: Fundamentals

Grants and Funding

There are various funding and grant opportunities available in Wales to support individuals in accessing training courses and improving their skill sets.

The ReAct Plus funding program is a lifeline for individuals facing redundancy or unemployment within the last 12 months. Administered by Working Wales, this scheme aims to support individuals aged between 18-24 who are not in education, employment, or training (NEET). The funding covers the cost of training courses, enabling recipients to gain new skills and boost employability prospects.

Eligibility Criteria for ReAct Plus

To be eligible for ReAct+ support you must be aged 18+ and be a resident in Wales with a right to live and work in the UK and either:

  • Currently under formal redundancy notice, or
  • Have been made redundant or unemployed in the last 12 months, or
  • Aged between 18-24 and not in education, employment, or training

If you meet these criteria, you can explore the diverse training courses available and apply for funding through the ReAct Plus program. You may be able to access ReAct+ funding to help cover to cost of our training courses.

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The Personal Learning Account (PLA) initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals living in Wales who wish to pursue part-time courses while balancing existing responsibilities. The program aims to facilitate career transitions and enable individuals to gain valuable qualifications in priority sectors.

Eligibility Criteria for PLA

  • Reside in Wales
  • Desire to gain skills and qualifications in priority sectors
  • Be 19 years old or above

Additionally, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Employed (including self-employed), earning below the median income
  • Working on a zero-hour contract
  • Employed as agency staff
  • At risk of redundancy
  • An offender on day release

College across Wales are offering courses through the PLA, check the course listing to see if the course can use PLA funding.

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The Flexible Skills Programme is a strategic funding initiative aimed at upskilling the workforce in Wales to meet the demands of various industries. It targets the development of advanced digital skills and focuses on addressing skills gaps in priority sectors, including Digital, Export, Engineering and Manufacturing, Creative, and Tourism and Hospitality.

Eligibility and Supported Areas for Flexible Skills Programme

The funding program is primarily designed to assist businesses in upskilling their staff, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Developing advanced digital skills
  • Addressing export-related skills challenges
  • Bridging skills gaps in the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector
  • Enhancing skills in the Creative Sector
  • Filling skill shortages in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Employers and individuals seeking funding for training programs in these specific domains can access detailed information on eligibility and application procedures at:

I’m really excited to see Cyber Innovation Hub offering short, bitesize cyber upskilling as cyber is such an exciting and fast-paced area to work in. During my programme at Cardiff I was immersed in learning through a hands-on, practical approach which allowed me to learn much more quickly. After my studies, I felt confident and found it easy to recall the material as I had actually experienced it through doing, rather than reading. This has carried into my new role at Airbus as an engineer on their graduate program, where I am able to actively participate in development and planning activities.

Graduate Engineer at Airbus Esther Pearson Graduate Engineer at Airbus

Case Study Venture Graduates Bootcamp

Venture graduates share their ethos with the Cyber Innovation Hub to position the right people in the right place at the right time.  Towards this end, they have worked in partnership to develop a three-week bootcamp for new STEM graduates to give them a crash course in Cyber Security.

The bootcamp encompasses theoretical learning, practical application, and guidance from local large-scale employers to prepare them to follow a career in cyber.  The bootcamp starts with a networking event, so that the participants can get to know the other learners, the CIH trainers and meet with the senior teams of both companies.  Over the next ten days, the cohort will work with our specialist Cyber trainers covering wide ranging topics from Cyber basics through to ethical hacking and incident management.   There are also several workshops and seminars run by representatives from Admiral, Alacrity, PwC, WCRC and Wales & West Utilities.  At the end of the bootcamp, each participant gets the opportunity to show what they have learned in a mock interview assessment with our panel of industry experts.  Venture Graduates and CIH will work to ensure that the candidates are paired with the most appropriate industry representative, based on their key skills and field interests.

Case Study Teacher Training in partnership with Cardiff Council

Cyber Innovation Hub is working in partnership with Cardiff Council to deliver Cyber training to the technical leads in schools.  This course will be spread across the school year and aims to empower teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to help protect local schools from cyber attacks and confidently deliver cyber themed lessons throughout their curriculum offering.

Initially a pilot scheme for 2023/24, the CIH hopes to make this scheme available to many more schools across the region.

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