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In the digital age, where information is power, the role of cybersecurity cannot be underestimated.

CGI, a global IT and business consulting services leader, has made its mark in Wales by not just enhancing but scaling its comprehensive cyber offerings. They have a history of providing innovative cybersecurity solutions in complex environments worldwide, including the defence and intelligence sectors. With over 1,700 cybersecurity experts globally, CGI is one of the UK’s largest cybersecurity practices, offering a business-focused approach to managing complex security challenges. This case study sheds light on CGI’s journey, demonstrating their local presence, diverse client portfolio, and commitment to being an expert of choice.

Local Expertise and Global Reach

CGI’s partnership with Wales runs deep, with 24% of its revenue generated in the region and 18% of its workforce residing here. CGI operate out of Bridgend but have consultants resident in most of the Welsh counties from Blaenau Gwent to Wrexham and everywhere in-between. CGI provide qualified Consultants with extensive experience covering various facets of cybersecurity, including Architecture, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Information Assurance, and Data Protection.

Living and working near our clients is pivotal,” says Keith Williams, UK Cyber – Director Consulting Delivery at CGI… “Our local CGI members speak our clients’ language, understand their business and industries, and collaborate to meet their goals and advance their business.

CGI’s impact in Wales extends across more than 50 clients, covering many sectors, including Government, Policing, Universities, and Utilities. “We provide Cyber support and consultancy across the sectors and can reach out across our business to provide partnership and consulting” says Keith.

CGI’s local presence is complemented by an expansive global delivery network that ensures clients have 24/7 access to best-fit digital capabilities and resources to meet their end-to-end needs.

One of our key strategic goals is to be our clients’ partner and expert of choice,” emphasises Keith. “To achieve this, we invest in developing and recruiting professionals with extensive industry, business and in-demand technology expertise.

ESG Commitment: Making a Difference

CGI also has a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which align with the United Nations (UN) Global Compact’s 10 principles and this is evident in their actions. “Our ESG strategy is key to contributing to our strategic goal to be recognised by our stakeholders as an engaged, ethical and responsible corporate citizen within our communities” says Keith.

We demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable world through projects delivered in collaboration with clients and through operating practices, supply chain management, and community service activities” says Keith Williams.

What is life at CGI like?

James Clarke, SOC Manager at CGI kindly takes us behind the scenes to share a typical day in the life of a SOC Manager at CGI. A Security Operations Center (SOC) manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a SOC. The SOC is a dedicated team or department within an organisation that monitors, detects, analyses, and responds to cyber security incidents and threats. The SOC manager plays an important role in maintaining the security of the organisation by effectively managing the SOC team, implementing security protocols, and collaborating with stakeholders.

“Presently, the Security Operations Center at CGI extends its services to over 30 clients, spanning all industry sectors within the UK market. Internally, we have evolved into a ‘horizontal’ business unit, ensuring that we can offer services to every customer-facing business unit while leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and experience to safeguard our clients’ most critical assets. My day is filled with challenges and opportunities, here is what a typical day looks like…

Morning Brew and Cyber Insights…

I start my day with a cup of coffee and a quick scan of the latest cybersecurity news. Staying informed about the latest developments in the world of cyber threats is not just a habit; it’s a necessity. As I scan through articles, one headline catches my eye: a recent cyberattack, and a stark reminder of the importance of my role in defending against such threats.

A hub of activity…

One of the most exciting aspects of my role is the opportunity to work with a diverse team of cybersecurity experts. The SOC is a hub of activity, with professionals from various backgrounds and skill sets coming together to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents. Collaboration is key, and the diverse perspectives and experiences of the team members enrich the problem-solving process.

Threat detection and incident response…

My day is often punctuated by the adrenaline rush of responding to security incidents. When a threat is detected, the SOC springs into action. I play a pivotal role in orchestrating the incident response, ensuring that the right resources are allocated and that the threat is contained and neutralised. This high-stakes environment keeps me on my toes and makes every day unique.

A Day of Fulfilment…

A day in my life as a SOC Manager is exhilarating, filled with challenges and opportunities, and with the satisfaction of knowing that I’m playing a vital role in safeguarding the digital world.

As we strive to increase diversity in the cybersecurity sector, I take pride in igniting the spark of interest in the next generation, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for cybersecurity. By sharing my experiences and passion, I hope to serve as a role model and mentor, to show that anyone, regardless of their background can excel in this field.

What does the future of my role look like?

As new legislation is enacted to safeguard individuals’ data and uphold digital privacy, it has become imperative for companies and organisations to establish robust data protection measures. My vision is to expand our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services, further developing the CGI SOC into a comprehensive Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) model. This will make our services not only enticing but also accessible to a broader spectrum of organisations.

Within CGI, Cyber is part of everything we do, and cybersecurity is integrated into all design and implementation processes, adopting a ‘cyber first’ approach. Vigilant monitoring forms an integral aspect of all systems, and the Cyber realm is no exception”.

CGI vision and growth strategy can provide benefits for both Wales and CGI. As they continue to expand their offerings, CGI’s impact in Wales and beyond promises a more secure digital future.

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