A spotlight on…Airbus Cyber Innovation

Pioneering the Future of Cyber Security.


Airbus Cyber Innovation stands at the forefront of advancing cutting-edge cyber security research in a variety of areas.

In doing so, it is actively tackling today’s digital threats – and preparing for the threats of tomorrow. Airbus Cyber Innovation is actively contributing to business continuity and to help secure people, property, and information.


Airbus Cyber Innovation’s mission revolves around monitoring and identifying cyber trends through global cyber security research initiatives and projects. Operating in coordination across its five strategic locations, the teams establish robust relationships with Airbus business units, driving the research objectives that are essential for the future of cyber security.

Two-Fold Mission

  1. Transforming Expertise: The first aspect of the mission is to transform industry-leading cyber security capabilities into world-class expertise. This involves leveraging the knowledge gained from practical applications to elevate the understanding and capabilities of Airbus Cyber Innovation.
  2. Technology Development: The second aspect is to develop the technology required to tackle emerging cyber security issues. Airbus Cyber Innovation focuses on staying ahead of the curve by actively engaging in research priorities that shape the future of cyber security.

Key Research Priorities

Airbus Cyber Innovation is a centre of excellence, located in Airbus’ Newport facility. It is home to research initiatives that incubate and accelerate new ideas, and academic research units driving state-of-the-art cyber security innovation. Airbus Cyber Innovation is committed to addressing the most pressing challenges in the cyber security landscape:

  1. Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Defence, Detection, and Response

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Airbus Cyber Innovation is dedicated to pioneering advancements in cyber defence, detection, and response capabilities. The goal is to stay proactive in countering cyber threats and ensuring the resilience of Airbus systems and networks.

  1. Protecting Industrial Control and Safety-Critical Systems

Recognising the increasing interconnectedness of industrial systems, Airbus Cyber Innovation places a strong emphasis on protecting industrial control and safety-critical systems. This proactive approach is vital for safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring the reliability of essential services.

  1. Understanding Human Factors in Cyber Security and Cloud Security Mechanisms

Airbus Cyber Innovation recognises the importance of understanding the human factors in cyber security. By delving into the psychology and behaviour of users, the organisation aims to enhance security awareness and develop effective cloud security mechanisms.

What is life at Airbus Cyber Innovation like?

Amidst the dynamic landscape of cyber security research at Airbus Cyber Innovation, Laura Bishop, a Human-centric Cyber Security Researcher, navigates each day with a unique blend of collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to understanding the human factor in cyber security. The human plays a huge part in the potential success or failure of a cyber-attack – as an end-user, security specialist or even adversary.

A Human-centric Cyber Security Researcher investigates human cognition and resultant behaviours in relation to cyber-attacks, identifying interventions that better protect individuals and organisations from risk. Laura kindly takes us behind the scenes to share a typical day in the life of a a Human-centric Cyber Security Researcher at Airbus.

Starting the Day

“My day kicks off with a quick check-in with the wider innovations team, exploring new challenges and innovative ideas. Following this, I engage with the Human-centric Cyber Security (HCCS) research team to plan for the day ahead, setting the tone for a day to advancing cyber security solutions.

 My morning unfolds with a critical meeting between the HCCS team and an Airbus commercial site. The focus is on discussing current and future challenges in operational technology (OT) security, exploring recommended solutions to fortify Airbus against cyber threats. The remainder of the morning is dedicated to collaborating with international universities and external organisations to draft a research funding application. The focus? Delving into the realm of human augmentation during incident detection and response.


During lunch, I enjoy spending quality time with the team, fostering both personal and professional connections. Perhaps, a session on the flight simulator adds a touch of excitement to the break, embodying the innovative spirit that Airbus encourages. 

Afternoon Engagements

The afternoon unfolds with a detailed review of an Airbus-associated Master’s student’s thesis on eye-tracking during phishing simulations. Subsequently, my expertise is called upon for last-minute lab demonstration to a member of parliament, emphasising the significance of human research in cyber security.

Ending the Day

As my day winds down, I channel my energy into writing a paper on human vulnerabilities in cyber security and methods to measure risk. This dedicated effort highlights the pivotal role humans play in the success or failure of cyber security measures.

Laura’s commitment to understanding and addressing the human element in cyber security exemplifies Airbus Cyber Innovation’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.


Future Plans

Innovation is ingrained in Airbus’s DNA, and the company is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology. Airbus encourages industry-leading experts to explore new possibilities for the future of flight, including manned and unmanned vehicles for urban mobility and cleaner aviation with hybrid and electric propulsion systems. Embracing the Industry 4.0 era, Airbus envisions a future shaped by cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence.

Airbus fosters a friendly and inclusive workplace, reflecting the diversity of the world and customers it serves. With over 140 nationalities and 20 languages spoken, Airbus promotes gender balance, social equality, and intergenerational collaboration. Supporting UN initiatives, including the Women’s Empowerment Principles and Standards of Conduct for LGBTQIA+ individuals, Airbus showcases its commitment through the GEDC Airbus Diversity Award and the Balance for Business Employee Resource Group.

As a global citizen, Airbus is committed to responsible practices and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Contributing to at least 8 SDGs, Airbus focuses on environmental performance, ethical business practices, innovation for a better world, and humanitarian efforts through the Airbus Foundation.

Airbus Foundation activities educate and inspire young people, ensuring a pipeline of innovative scientists and engineers. The Airbus Global University Partner Programme and apprenticeship initiatives invest in youth engagement. Airbus Leadership University further supports the development of future talent.

Future Workforce Planning

Airbus is highly focussed on the future, particularly in relation to the workforce and how it will adapt to changing dynamics in the years to come. As part of this, the company publishes a Global Workforce Forecast providing all employees with relevant data, information and analysis to better understand, anticipate and prepare the evolution of Airbus competencies.

Airbus Cyber Innovation’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cyber security research reflects not only a dedication to addressing current threats but also a forward-looking approach to anticipate and mitigate emerging challenges. With a global perspective and a mission-driven by collaboration and innovation, Airbus Cyber Innovation stands as a beacon of innovation, inclusivity, and responsible business practices

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